Individual Therapy

  • Are you feeling depressed, lonely, misunderstood or unappreciated?
  • Do you wake at night anxious or do worries, and unwanted thoughts and feelings ruin your day?
  • Do you have difficulty making decisions, feel frequently overwhelmed, or do doubts make you procrastinate?
  • Does perfectionism deter you from being who you want to be?
  • Are you tired of taking care of others but feel “selfish” doing anything for yourself?
  • Do you miss feeling joy, excitement, and a sense of empowerment?
  • Do you feel irritable, stressed, and upset because of how little you accomplish?

Dr. Sara Yogev has had great success helping adults of all ages who are confused, overwhelmed or doubtful.  With her help you will overcome depression and anxiety, become clearer, more confident, empowered, and effective in your life.

Dr. Yogev has helped countless Men and women who feel lonely, misunderstood, “stuck” at work or unhappy in a relationship. With her assistance you will conquer the psychological barriers that are obstructing you, discover lasting solutions to repetitive problems, improve your emotional well-being, and achieve the success, harmony and satisfaction you have always wanted.

Sara Yogev also offers couples therapy and marital therapy.