Twenty percent of the US population will be 65 and older by 2030, and many people live in good health into their 80’s and 90’s. Yet little is known about what is needed emotionally, mentally, and relationship-wise in order to age well and be happy during this late life stage.

Many books and experts emphasize financial planning for the retirement years yet completely neglect the psychological planning for them. It is crucial that people prepare themselves and their relationships mentally and emotionally for what could very well comprise a quarter of their lives. A Couple’s Guide to Happy Retirement and Aging is the most comprehensive book (now in its third edition) devoted entirely to individual issues and changes in couples relationship dynamics that arise during these years. Not a treatise on money management, written by an experienced psychologist specializing in work and family issues, summarizing the latest research findings, and drawing from actual accounts of individuals and couples in her practice, this book is a much-needed guide to the psychological aspects of aging and supplies you with the information and tools needed to make yourself and your relationships joyful, fulfilling, harmonious, happy, fruitful, loving, and successful during this mature life phase.

You will find strategies to prepare yourself emotionally for the dramatic life changes during your retirement years and nurture your connection with your companion to successfully deal with differences that often occur during this stage, including:

  • time together and apart
  • division of housework
  • sexuality
  • money
  • relationships with friends & other family members,
  • relocation,
  • alcohol usage,
  • technology,
  • cohabitation

…and more.

Written in accessible jargon-free language, this book also supplies proven techniques for finding personal fulfillment, and relationship building exercises to help you apply the material to your own life.