Practice Details

I enjoy my work and derive great satisfaction from deeply connecting with people. I believe that therapy is a special process – an important investment you put in yourself and your relationships. Therefore, it is essential for me to create a safe place where your authentic self emerges and strives.

My focus is on the present, not the past. While working toward overcoming the present hurt which brought you to therapy, my ultimate goal is that you learn from this experience and gain awareness about yourself which will stay with you long after therapy is over. My style is nurturing, interactive and dynamic. I speak openly and directly, provide structure, give honest feedback, and home assignments when necessary. My vast experience allows me to tailor each therapy individually, using various approaches and techniques that are best suited for your needs.

I have more than 30 years of experience assisting adults in individual psychotherapy to overcome depression, anxiety, and other barriers to personal happiness. I also specialize in helping couples create more satisfying and passionate partnerships and marital bliss. I encourage you to call, get a better sense of who I am, of my professional style, and most importantly, to begin your road to becoming happier and more fulfilled.

Sara Yogev is currently offering retirement coaching.
Individual therapymarital therapycouples counseling is  available only  to previous clients.

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