Couples & Marital Therapy

Couples & Marital Therapy

  • Does your relationship lack the intimacy you long for?
  • Having difficulty communicating with your partner?
  • Tired of the same arguments over and over again with no real resolution?
  • Do you love your partner but no longer feel “in love” – questioning should you stay or leave?
  • Wonder how the intimacy dissolved, where the fun went, or why the sex disappeared?

Dr. Sara Yogev has had great success in helping couples find lasting solutions to repetitive problems.  With her help you can create the relationship you’ve wanted but doubted you could have.

Dr. Yogev has helped countless couples to overcome communication difficulties, relationship issues, sexual problems (his and hers), work/family conflicts and regain fulfilling relationships. With her assistance you will stop blaming and criticizing each other, so that intimacy, marital and sexual satisfaction is achieved. By developing understanding, trust, mutual respect and tolerance for your differences, compatibility and harmony is greatly increased.

Sara Yogev also offers individual therapy.

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