My interview at the Transitioning Into Retirement Symposium

I would like to invite you to register for a free event and listen to me as well as other distinguished speakers who are part of a virtual symposium called Transitioning Into Retirement. The event will air Feb 13-15, 2018 and all the interviews will be available for free for the 48 hours after they air. After that the interview would be available at some cost.

Here is a link which allows you to register and also get more details about the different speakers and topics.
Transitioning Into Retirement Symposium

In addition I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that the third edition of my book entitled “A Couple’s Guide to Happy Retirement and Aging; 15 keys to long- lasting vitality and connection” is going to be available in late February 2018.  You can pre-order it here.  In this third edition I updated many of the previous chapters and added three new chapters about Alcohol Consumption, Technology Impact, and New Unions of Cohabitation and Living Apart Together.

3rd Edition Cover