Helpful resources

I was contacted recently by several people who feel like they can provide helpful information for retirement age people and I would like to share them.
Susan Williams from send me the following links,
Moving tips for seniors in
Aging in place and how to prepare for senior years in, Making the move to assisted living in,
Nutrition guide for the aging in
Nicole Clark sent me an article which reaffirm my concerns about alcohol abuse trends in older adults which was published in The Dunes of East Hampton; alcohol abuse surrounding senior citizens.
Jane Sandwood from England sent me the link to her article about the importance of staying in touch with grand parents
Jane who is a manager for a small elderly care site is concerned that modern life with different generations moving around, has left families being stretched and the elderly being isolated and the isolation can cause depression. Her article covers why we should get in touch with grandparents and bring families together.
I hope you will find these resources helpful.